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1 Jan
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For Lovers Only PARIS TOUR


We all wanna see FLO returning to Paris one day and when that time comes, this fantastic guide is gonna help you to find all the great locations from the film. It’s very detailed, filled with useful information about transport, hotels & more.

Download it HERE (available in French and English).

A huge THANK YOU to the creators of this handy FLO Paris guide - Veró, Cilou, Amélie and Corinne.





In the attached video you can watch Cilou‘s amazing collection of the Paris location pictures.

FLO in Paris von cilou_77

And to make this post even more complete, I’m including – with Veró‘s permission – some wonderful photos that the FLO Jedi team made during their Paris Tour in February 2012. I’m sure you will recognize all the familiar places;) Let’s hope we can make this tour all together in June!