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28 Jun
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For Lovers Only MUSIC

The beautiful original score for For Lovers Only was composed by Kubilay Uner, who also worked with the Polish Brothers on one of their previous movies - Stay Cool. You can follow Kubi on twitter and facebook or visit his official webpage for music samples, biography and more.

The original For Lovers Only soundtrack is available on iTunes.


Next to Kubi’s music, there’s a list of great tastefully chosen songs that accompany For Lovers Only. As one of my favourite reviews says, ‘One could be forgiven for thinking that they had been especially written for the movie as they sit so comfortably within it.’ [x]


Here’s a tracklist of all songs in order of appearance in the movie, thanks to janeisles.tumblr.com:

  • “La Noyeé” - Serge Gainsbourg (Opening / Arriving in Paris)
  • “Figé dans le temps” - Kubilay Uner (Entering Hotel Rooms)
  • “Les Tchéques” - Mathieu Boogaerts (Sofia and Yves walk through Paris)
  • “Pour Frédéric” - Kubilay Uner (Waiting for Yves’ call)
  • “Un baiser au bord de la Seine” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia and Yves kiss)
  • “No Cars Go” - Arcade Fire (Leaving Paris)
  • “Deux Amants dans un Chateau” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia and Yves make out)
  • “Toute Ressemblance” - Pascal Colomb (Dancing in the field / riding bikes)
  • “Everybody here wants you” - Jeff Buckley (Putting make-up on Yves / Trying to find their hotel room)
  • “Sur la Plage” - Kubilay Uner (At the Beach)
  • “Promenade” - Kubilay Uner (Walking at the Beach)
  • “Les Amoureux” - Kubilay Uner (Riding the bike with Yves / Taking a bath)
  • “Sex Tourists” - French Kicks (Yves and Sofia riding a motorbike)
  • “Desruction” – C’est la Période que je traverse” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia knocking on doors)
  • “Un enfant et un vieillard” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia finds out about Yves daughter)
  • “Elle Prie pour un miracle” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia praying in church)
  • “Love” - John Lennon (Dancing on the balcony)
  • “Heartache” A Girl Called Eddie (Sofia reads Yves letter)
  • “Cache-Cache” - Kubilay Uner (Ending)  


But that’s not all yet! There are some more songs associated with For Lovers Only. As Stana Katic interviewed Mark Polish for one of her official newsletter in May 2011, they put together two playlists based on what songs their characters Sofia and Yves would choose for each other.

Here are both of the playlists; ‘Yves to Sofia‘ and ‘Sofia to Yves‘ .


13 May
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An Interview with Mark Polish by Stana Katic

“Almost a year ago to the day, I jumped in a gypsy caravan with Polish brothers Michael and Mark (Northfork, Twin Falls, Astronaut Farmer) to traipse around France telling a love tale in the vein of the French New Wave. This is a small glimpse into that extraordinary creative journey from behind the eyes of ‘For Lovers Only’ writer/actor Mark Polish.”

Follow this link to read the whole interview.