23 Jul
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Film Review: For Lovers Only

…Piratic Mark Polish plays Yves, an American photographer who runs into his ex, Sofia, a model-turned-journalist played by the achingly beautiful Stana Katic, while in Paris. The scene where the two bump into each other sets the premise for the entire film. They take one look into each other’s eyes and there’s no sugary score or bleached smiles. Sofia’s brows furrow in angst and Yves is speechless. The two immediately realize they’re still deeply in love with each other, although they have new lives—and wedding rings…


by Michelle Kehm | for BUST Magazine

13 Jul
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How the Polish Brothers Are Raking It In With a Stealth, No Budget Movie

“I said, ‘OK, I’m gonna tweet it.’ Then I called Stana and told her to tweet it – and that’s when it took off.”

Katic’s rabid Twitter and Facebook followings spread the word – and when Mark Polish found that the film was drawing almost 1,000 tweets an hour, he made up posters using the Twitter raves in place of critics’ quotes. Those posters themselves went viral on Twitter and Tumblr, and helped prompt a healthy iTunes presale.

“They’d put 26 reviews up on iTunes before the movie was even out,” said Mark. “The fans who’d already seen it were going around like a swarm of bees attacking IMDb, Facebook, Twitter … . It’s a very passionate crowd, and they felt like they’d discovered it.”


by The Wrap

12 Jul
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Mark Polish and Kubilay Uner on Stana Talk Radio


Listen to this STR episode bellow or download the podcast (right click and save as).



28 Jun
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For Lovers Only MUSIC

The beautiful original score for For Lovers Only was composed by Kubilay Uner, who also worked with the Polish Brothers on one of their previous movies - Stay Cool. You can follow Kubi on twitter and facebook or visit his official webpage for music samples, biography and more.

The original For Lovers Only soundtrack is available on iTunes.


Next to Kubi’s music, there’s a list of great tastefully chosen songs that accompany For Lovers Only. As one of my favourite reviews says, ‘One could be forgiven for thinking that they had been especially written for the movie as they sit so comfortably within it.’ [x]


Here’s a tracklist of all songs in order of appearance in the movie, thanks to janeisles.tumblr.com:

  • “La Noyeé” - Serge Gainsbourg (Opening / Arriving in Paris)
  • “Figé dans le temps” - Kubilay Uner (Entering Hotel Rooms)
  • “Les Tchéques” - Mathieu Boogaerts (Sofia and Yves walk through Paris)
  • “Pour Frédéric” - Kubilay Uner (Waiting for Yves’ call)
  • “Un baiser au bord de la Seine” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia and Yves kiss)
  • “No Cars Go” - Arcade Fire (Leaving Paris)
  • “Deux Amants dans un Chateau” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia and Yves make out)
  • “Toute Ressemblance” - Pascal Colomb (Dancing in the field / riding bikes)
  • “Everybody here wants you” - Jeff Buckley (Putting make-up on Yves / Trying to find their hotel room)
  • “Sur la Plage” - Kubilay Uner (At the Beach)
  • “Promenade” - Kubilay Uner (Walking at the Beach)
  • “Les Amoureux” - Kubilay Uner (Riding the bike with Yves / Taking a bath)
  • “Sex Tourists” - French Kicks (Yves and Sofia riding a motorbike)
  • “Desruction” – C’est la Période que je traverse” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia knocking on doors)
  • “Un enfant et un vieillard” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia finds out about Yves daughter)
  • “Elle Prie pour un miracle” - Kubilay Uner (Sofia praying in church)
  • “Love” - John Lennon (Dancing on the balcony)
  • “Heartache” A Girl Called Eddie (Sofia reads Yves letter)
  • “Cache-Cache” - Kubilay Uner (Ending)  


But that’s not all yet! There are some more songs associated with For Lovers Only. As Stana Katic interviewed Mark Polish for one of her official newsletter in May 2011, they put together two playlists based on what songs their characters Sofia and Yves would choose for each other.

Here are both of the playlists; ‘Yves to Sofia‘ and ‘Sofia to Yves‘ .


4 Jun
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American in Paris: Stana Katic shines in “For Lovers Only”


A fascinating dynamic lies at the heart of the Polish Brothers For Lovers Only, which stars festival jury member Stana Katic.


by Ian Haydn Smith | for Zlín Filmfest

29 May
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Stana Katic presenting For Lovers Only at the Zlín Film Festival

Stana introducing FLO before the 1st screening on 29th of May 2011.

After the 2nd screening of FLO – 31st of May 2011

READ THE WHOLE POST  for more Zlín related pictures and videos.


13 May
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An Interview with Mark Polish by Stana Katic

“Almost a year ago to the day, I jumped in a gypsy caravan with Polish brothers Michael and Mark (Northfork, Twin Falls, Astronaut Farmer) to traipse around France telling a love tale in the vein of the French New Wave. This is a small glimpse into that extraordinary creative journey from behind the eyes of ‘For Lovers Only’ writer/actor Mark Polish.”

Follow this link to read the whole interview.

10 Apr
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Films de Lover: Mark and Michael Polish on “For lovers only”

“Filming in France is beyond expression. We couldn’t have been more welcomed. The people could not have have been more pleasurable. It was a dream scenerio when you’re shooting with these time and financial constraints. You can’t buy time and you don’t have money for locations, so you can’t buy your way around. You really need the generosity of the people. We surely felt the love throughout France. It was overwelhming at times..”


by Films de Lover

29 Sep
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The Polish Brothers’ For Lovers Only premier at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills!


September 29th, 2010 – It’s now nearly 10PM and a stream of artists,  industry guests, and the production team are leaving the theater after  having witnessed the Polish Brothers’ 7th feature, For Lovers Only, shot  in Paris and through out Europe in a fast-paced shooting schedule that blends the Polish’s eye  for steady craft with a run-and-gun approach al la cinema New Wave. This  feature romancer has a sly edge, and puts together two fine performance  by Mark Polish (in his second lead directed by his brother Michael) and  the ingenue Stana Katic (of Castle renown)…


by Stand Media