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Amazing FLO posters by Softer.

Find more of her FLO edits HERE.

Beautiful colorized caps by Stacey [ Stacey3088 | ]

Find all of them HERE.

Wonderful artwork by Irene [ @nameisirene | ]

Here’s a link to the source of this awesomeness.

This set of posters is my very favourite. You can download them as PDFs on Irene’s tumblr.

And another masterpiece by my fav graphic designer – FLO Calendar 2012 – download the PDF here.

Great fan art by the biggest #FLOinParis supporter - Veró [ Gribouille70 | ]

A For Lovers Only Calender 2012 by KatarzynaKalliopePL | ]


Beautiful FLO posters by Jade, original post here.

Really great posters by sometimesitseasiertolieoriginal post here.

Some wonderful art work by eachothersperfectfollow her blog for more great FLO posts.

One of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen – by behindgreeneyess


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