19 Sep
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For Lovers Only at the Oldenburg Film Festival

For Lovers Only screened twice at the 18. International Filmfestival in Oldenburg, Germany, where the Polish Brothers were awarded for their 3rd film Northfork in 2003.



EWE Forum Alte Fleiwa 16.09.11 – 22:30
CinemaxX 7 17.09.11 – 20:00


Mark Polish was present at both of the screenings, together with a co-producer of FLO, Angus MacDonald.

They also held a Question&Answers panel for fans on 17.09.11 before the 2nd screening of FLO.

You can find a couple of pictures and videos from the Q/A panel bellow.


Q/A panel Oldenburg | Video source: YouTube – KenHidaka84

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