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For Lovers Only transcript

Movie dialogue between Sofia and Yves after they meet on the steps…

by Joy Thomas


S-How long are you in town for?
Y-Couple of days. Are you okay?
Y-It was inevitable wasn’t it?
Y-Its really funny, yea, eventually you run away long enough…you’re gonna…
S-(mutters)…. bump into…again
Y-that’s funny. I think if it weren’t for gravity I would have fallen off the face of the earth.
S-I didn’t think you were going to call…. I’m glad you did. It’s crazy, there are so many questions I want to ask you, but I don’t know if I can.
Y-I know…
S-I don’t know if I want to know any of the answers to any of them, you know?
Y-There’s some seriously bad territory, huh?
S-Did you ever think this would happen? How many times have you been in Paris?
Y-I’ve been here….I’m counting ‘cos I know I come like 6 times a year…
Y-And I don’t know my times tables… So I am figuring 35 times maybe?
S-6 times 8, 48
Y-48 times. You’re nervous, you only bite your nails when you’re nervous. So the Tabasco never worked?
S-I started liking Tabasco after that.

By the River

Y-You still writing?
S-Yeah. Just like its other people’s words. I just make them sound pretty. Are you still taking photos of beautiful girls?
Y-No. No, not any more.
S-Please don’t tell me that that gets old…
Y-It does. I got old
S-You’re not old
Y-I’m losing my eyesight. Well, that’s what they told me
S-What are you talking about?
Y-I’m not seeing what they wanted me to see, you know. The editors of the magazines.
S-What are you seeing?
Y-You, pieces of you, in everything. You are in everything, everything, pieces of you, your eyes, your nose, your mouth. And now I just shoot things
S-What are you talking about things? What is that?
Y-Sky, yeah
S-Fuckin walls
Y-Yeah, walls. Things, I shoot things. Things that have no eyeballs, things that don’t have blood, things that don’t have a heartbeat, things…I’ve been rendered to shooting things. I’m a wreck. This is what you get. Are you okay?
S-Mmmm. What are we doing?
Y-We’re talking, just talking
Y-Sofia… come here… Listen. When are you leaving? When?
Y-Shit….shit…. Come here….
[They Kiss]
S-Don’t stop.
Y-Are you gonna be okay?

In the car

S-So where are we going?
Y-To Hell
S-Okay right, but before that…
Y-I need to get my itinerary… hold on… (leans over to the back seat to grab the map)
S-Whao, you are kidding me right now.. (Sofia grabs the steering wheel)
Y-No I’m not, just hold on…

Side of the road

Y-How’d it go?
S-Okay… for now…you?
Y-She’s in bed at 8, turns out the lights by 9.
S-You make it sound like prison.
Y-You said it not me… Let’s enjoy our freedom while we can.
S-You make it sound so easy…
S-You know…
Y-(Whispers in Sofia’s ear) Well, I left out the part where I fuck you in the castle
Y-Come on…. Alright, come on, this way… There’s like a dead bear over there or something…

On the beach

S-I love you, I love you.

In the castle

S-What are you seeing when you look through that thing?
Y-You’re really gonna interview me?
S-Nah, it’s not like an interview, it’s just like a question, you know what I mean?
Y-(Views Sofia through the camera) Put your head down.
S-I mean, what are you looking at?
Y-I don’t know, you know, find the focus, try to find the frame, and you get a feeling… you know. Between those 2 things, I don’t know… I just take pictures.

On the bedroom floor

[Lying entwined]
S-So much for being an honest woman
Y-You wanna stop?
Y-Are you sure?
Y-We can stop, we don’t have to do this.
S-I wanna do this…
Y-Are you sure?
Y-On like, the fucking wood floor, huh..

In bed

S-It’s so crazy… this is like…I was hoping I would never see you again, you know?..and then wanting to see you every morning I woke up…If that makes any sense…
Y-Complete sense.
S-Okay, cos nothing else does..
Y-I know…We just have to go with it. Because you can sit here and think and think and think and think… I woke up this morning and I was just wracking my brain, thinking about all the moments we had, all the moments that we didn’t have… I was just like walking, just going through the motions…
S-What do you mean?
Y-Oh, just little things. I was always wondering what you were doing. Simple things….grocery shopping…if you were buying the same food. To Christmases. I was just so vacant. Like I was walking through someone else’s Christmas and I wasn’t a part of anything. Do you know? Then you think…it all added up to this….you think all the moments…and everything, every twist and turn, every road, even if you were lost…Every day. Every twist and turn was just a straight line right back to you… It had to be….It had to be…
S-Beautiful. I keep trying to find the words to put to it and I can’t… It’s like they just ground my feelings..
Y-I know. I just stop thinking.
S-Can I ask you a question?
Y-It depends what it is….
S-Erm… it’s a personal category, exclusively allocated to you
Y-Okay… intimacy
S-Wasn’t my name here? Before… (Sofia touches his shoulder tattoo)
Y-Yeah it was…
S-It was?
Y-Yeah, it had to evolve…
S-So you turned me into a wolf?
Y-Well look it wasn’t ideal with your name on my arm… I was trying to move on. I had two options in the tattoo parlor. It could have been a frog, or a medieval dragon.
S- Yeah I know but a frog doesn’t apply that you thought that I was a bitch
Y-Only you could draw that short line to that. I wasn’t even thinking that…I didn’t think it. But the medieval dragon was huge…
Y-And the flames were like, all the way to my fingertips. Would you like me to have a sleeve?
S-That’d be hot
Y-It was only like 50 bucks. Like on the boardwalk. I was pissed off…I said gimmie that wolf
Y-Yeah! Like you howled at the moon.
S-That’s cool, they are loyal. Wolves are you know.. It’s like burnt on you. Like my stamp..
Y-It’s a good-looking wolf. I like him.
S-Okay well you owe me one then.

In bed (later)

S-I think that we should..
Y-Mmmm, we should what?
S-You know
Y-Rob a bank?
S-No. I mean yeah, but before that…
S-Uh-oh what?
S-I mean let’s just do this, let’s just be together… What are you thinking?
Y-I’m not.
S-You’re not what?
Y-Quit it…quit it…
S-Nooo! I don’t wanna quit. I love you.
Y-I love you too…
S-So then, let’s just do it. Look I know it’s not gonna be easy, but look at us now. I don’t wanna give this up. So how can you walk away from this again?
Y-I couldn’t if I tried.
S-So then..?
Y-I would want nothing more.

After the nightclub, back to the hotel

[They are drunk, clutching onto one-another, trying to make their way back to their hotel]
Y-What’s wrong with that?
S-Nothing, it’s awesome. I love being lost, makes my day
Y-Fucking wasted. Come on, we gonna, were gonna walk this way. I think this is our hotel. Wait. This is it, right?
S-I don’t…is this… I don’t know if this is it…
Y-I don’t know if this is our hotel…
Y-The number of the beast… come on
S-I gotta pee really bad…
Y-Come with me, please… Come on…Come on…Come on… lets go
[Stops outside a hotel]
S-Is this our hotel?
Y-I think it is…Wait.. I just stepped on a snail, which is food.
S-Urgghhh, where?
Y-Right there.

The next morning (after the phone call from Yves’s wife)
S-Who was that?
Y-It was my hangover. It’s what that was. Humph, how come you are looking so bright and fucking cheery this morning? Good God. Get down…

After the beach

S-What happened?
Y-She never stood a chance.
Y-I never gave her one
S-‘Cos of us
Y-Yeah, ‘cos of us. You, me. I was a wreck. I was a mess, and she was standing there, you know. The smoke clears. She’s there.
S-What does she do?
Y-Really? Sofia really? Do you really?..Why do you wanna know?
S-I’m gonna find out sooner or later
Y-She’s an artist. A painter
S-You are both artists
Y-Yeah. I married myself. One huge domestic battle.
S-What do you mean?
Y-No-one likes to cook. Or do the dishes…yeah
S-I’ll do your dishes
Y-I’m not implying that. You know, I’m not implying that you would or you wouldn’t do anything for me.. Look at me. Honestly..
S-It’s just so crazy, It’s like I’m jealous and I don’t even have a right to be
Y-Sofia. Look at me. I know you… Look, come on…come on, Sofia I know you…
Y-Hey. Don’t ask these questions. They do us no good. Not here. Not right now.
S-Its crazy isn’t it? It’s so crazy….. Life’s so strange
Y-Kiss me. I love this jealous rage. Come on… Kiss me in your jealous rage…
S-Are you sure you can handle it?
Y-Yes, come on
S-I might topple you over!
Y-I don’t care…

In the room with the words

[Series of cuts in the room, switching focus]
S-I love your sense of humor. It’s wrong.
Y-Look focus it right here…
Y- Is it all out of focus?
Y-Amazing that you get to turn my camera on me
S-All of me?
Y-Image can make or break you.
Y-Wow, that’s pretty you’re already in focus.
S-I am?
Y-Love me in focus.
Y-This is crazy I don’t like me camera turned on me…
Y-Because I don’t.
S-But you’re beautiful!
Y-It’s like a gun, it’s like a gun, you can’t be pointing it at people!

In the Kitchen

[In the dark, they sneak into a closed hotel kitchen, each clutching a small candle]
Y-Are you hungry? Shush, I’m starving. Let’s find some food…
S-I can’t see anything.
S-Where’s the fridge?
Y- Shush1 You are making too much noise….
S-Did you walk into that?
Y-Do you feel like a rat? ‘Cos I do…
S-Lets look around to see if they have a refrigerator or something. Fromage!… I feel like a mouse
Y-Come here, come here, come here….
Y-These are the utensils, we are gonna need some of these…
Y-I got a fork and a knife…
S-Okay, but don’t hand me the knife.
Y-Holy crap. Are you kidding me? You still have that little fear?
S-Yeah! Well you don’t just let it go overnight
Y-Take the fucking fork…
S-I will take the fork
Y-I’m telling you, take the fucking fork…
S-I found chopsticks.
Y- Alright. Great..
Y-Holy shit!
S-Go. What? What do you have?
Y-I know but open your mouth and close your eyes. You’ll get a big surprise…
S-What do you have?
Y-Just do it.
S-What do you have?
Y-Shush, trust me. Just trust me. Just trust me…
S-Okay. Go…. No. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I’m sorry.
Y-C’mon… You know what. C’mon…
S-I’m just afraid it’s something disgusting.
Y-No its not. Do you think I’d put something disgusting in your mouth? C’mon…
S-Okay fine.
Y-I wouldn’t put anything in your mouth I wouldn’t put in mine…
Y-Close your eyes, just do this. I just wanna be safe. Alright. Don’t bite down….
S-Don’t bite down??!! What??
Y-Don’t bite down. No, I don’t want you to choke, so don’t bite down.
S-Don’t choke?? This is like heart-attack time.
Y-Can you do this?
S-I’m completely committed. I’m completely committed. I’m here.
Y-Open your mouth. Wider.
[Yves puts the chocolate into Sofia’s mouth]
S-Oh, it’s chocolate. Thank you. You want some?

In the bath

[Yves is bathing Sofia. He comes across ‘David’ tattooed on the inside of her right thigh]
S-I’m sorry.
Y-Its okay….
S-I’m sorry.

In the bedroom

[Yves stands distracted looking out of the hotel room window]
S-He’s the exact opposite of you. The last thing I wanted was anyone that reminded me of you. But that was a joke because everything, reminded me, of you. Every time I opened up a magazine the first thing I would do was look at the credits, see who took the photos.
Y-What’s the opposite of me?
S-He’s a carpenter.
S-Okay start the jokes.
Y-There’s hope…
Y-The boss’s son was a carpenter…
S-Yeah well I don’t think he would sacrifice himself for very much. Especially something that doesn’t benefit him.
Y-Why no babies?
S-Because he wasn’t you….
S-You okay?
Y-Yeah I’m fine. I’m not gonna lie, it doesn’t help…but I’m not thrilled listening to this.
S-I don’t exactly like telling it to you either, but I think if we take this in small pieces we will be able to swallow it.
Y-Yeah. I can take about tic-tac size at this point.
S-Would it make you feel better if I told you I’ll turn him into a frog?
Y-How about a toad?
S-That’s a pretty big frog.
Y-I don’t know, that fucking tattoo was big! His name was big! Why the fuck would you tattoo his name on the inside of your thigh?!
S-Because I just wanted to erase you.
Y-Right there? That wipes me out?
S-Well I figured it would help, you know? But it didn’t really…
Y-That’s just horrible..
S-Wanna go for a walk?
Y-Yeah. let’s go for a walk.

On the Cliffside

Y-Don’t let go of my hand.
S-What do you mean, don’t let go of your hand?
Y-This is what they call Lovers Leap here, right… Ready? Look at me.. You okay?
Y-You can do this.
Y-It’s Lovers Leap, alright?
Y-You’re really nervous…
S-No I’m fine, I’m fine. Okay you see that one? Oh my God… Do you see the one that’s right underneath the cliff? Do you see it?
Y-Yeah but that’s why you have to jump out. You don’t jump down, you jump out…
S-There are so many rocks down there.
Y-That big one is the one to avoid!
Y-Its Lovers Leap, you hold hands until you hit the water. You can’t do that?
S-I’m not gonna let your hand go!

On the motorbike / bed sequence

S-I dreamt that the bar was empty and that I was thirsty.
S-I love the way that you kiss me.
S-I dreamt that I was in Bali and wanted to write…
S-I love that you know everything about cars and bikes. I swear I think it’s so hot.
S-I love your lips…

Walking the streets

[They wander the streets]
S-Where is everybody?
Y-At the Mall.
S-Don’t… Come on….Don’t knock on their doors…
Y-There are zombies here
S-Do you know what?
S-I hear there is a great Bed & Breakfast over here.
Y-Come on…
S-Where are all the people at?
Y- Destruction, that’s my period I’m going through right now.
Y-Don’t be knocking on peoples’ doors…
Y-Cos they’re zombies. All over here

Posing in the street

Y-Can you do something, for me?
[Sofia poses]
Y-Alright, that doesn’t work, but that’s cool. That doesn’t work at all…
S-Hey I’m posing!
Y-Come on… Wait…
S-Am I catching the light?

In the twin bedroom

[They lay on separate single beds]
S-This is depressing.
Y-It is… Shall we consider shoving these beds together?
S-Mmmm…I don’t really like single bed sex.
Y-Really? Really?

Outside, after Yves phone call from his daughter

[They sit at a table. Yves wears sunglasses. He’s upset]
S-She’s beautiful.
Y-Thank you. She turned 8 in March… She just loves to throw the kid in, every time she loses ground. Every time
S-She keeps you there?
S-She’s your heart, no?
Y-Very much so.
S-You’re a good Father.
Y-Sometimes. I don’t think I will be winning any awards for the last few days though
S-I think you judge yourself too harshly.

In bed after Sofia has bought the girl a dress

[Sofia is so sad]
Y-What’s wrong? You don’t wanna do this any longer?
S-It’s just there would be so much to overcome.

In the market

[The lovers wander]
Y-You’re taking all my love.
S-Sucking it out of you…
S-That guy over there…
[Sofia kisses Yves]
Y-I don’t think kissing will help..
S-He’s staring at us!
Y- I don’t give a shit!
S-It’s like he knows.
Y-What do you think he knows?

CUT TO -In bed
S-I don’t even know how to answer that question

CUT TO -In the market
Y-You know what…
Y-And if they do? What is he thinking?
S-That he knows about us… About what we’re doing…
Y-They don’t know.

CUT TO -In bed
S-Saying that decisions are eternal

CUT TO -In the market
S-He’s over there. He is being like something… something…
Y-Where? Can you point?
S-They were frowning upon us.
Y-He’s what?!
Y-He’s judging you…?
S-He was…?
Y-Quit it… He’s not looking at us, come on.

CUT TO -In bed
S-There’s victims and innocent parties

CUT TO -In the market
Y-No-one in that market is looking at you, or looking at us
S-Well what do you call his expression?
Y-It’s ‘cos he’s old…

CUT TO -In bed
S-Once we expose this. Once we make it real. Once we expose it to everything…. The harsh sun…. Disease…. And they will come after us.

CUT TO -In the market
S-I just don’t like people staring at us.
Y-No-one in that market is staring at us.

CUT TO -In bed
S-We have been on our own little island. And once they come we’ll be walking around shell-shocked.
S-Love doesn’t conquer; it’s not some kind of weapon you can wield. That’s exactly what we’d have to do.

Outside the church

S-We need a miracle

In the final hotel room

Y-I love you. I do!
S-No matter how many words I use, or you use, it all ends with the same sentence…
Y-Are you trying to write yourself out of this?
Y-Tell me the truth.
S-No… This is my heart…(passes Yves her notebook)
S-It’s yours; I’m not protecting it anymore.
Y-Don’t…. Don’t….

Last time together in bed

[Yves is weeping]
S-I know…
S-Do you remember when we used to argue, what you would say?
S-You’d say let’s just fuck it out.
Y-I did?
Y-I did?
S-I’d like to…

Yves is asleep

S- No-one will ever love me like you do…


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