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1 Jan
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For Lovers Only PARIS TOUR


We all wanna see FLO returning to Paris one day and when that time comes, this fantastic guide is gonna help you to find all the great locations from the film. It’s very detailed, filled with useful information about transport, hotels & more.

Download it HERE (available in French and English).

A huge THANK YOU to the creators of this handy FLO Paris guide - Veró, Cilou, Amélie and Corinne.





In the attached video you can watch Cilou‘s amazing collection of the Paris location pictures.

FLO in Paris von cilou_77

And to make this post even more complete, I’m including – with Veró‘s permission – some wonderful photos that the FLO Jedi team made during their Paris Tour in February 2012. I’m sure you will recognize all the familiar places;) Let’s hope we can make this tour all together in June!

24 Dec
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HOW WE MADE LOVE – teasers

Mark Polish is currently finishing a long time expected FLO BTS documentary.. let’s hope it’s gonna be released soon because these previews are really #crazyawesome!

18 Dec
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For Lovers Only will screen at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

For Lovers Only will screen twice at the 2012 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema,

Friday January 13th 4pm and Saturday January 14th at Noon.

For more information visit

31 Oct
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Mark and Michael Polish on KCRW

Listen [skip to 7:00] or download the podcast (right click and save as)

30 Oct

FLOcks of Love – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Polish Brothers

cks of love was a birthday surprise put together by the Soldiers of Love to celebrate the birthday of Mark and Michael Polish [October 30, 2011].

To show our appreciation of their work, especially in For Lovers Only, 70 Soldiers of Love placed FLO padlocks on bridges, statues and fences in 22 countries of the world. Leaving our marks in honour to FLO, we followed the idea of placing a love padlock on a bridge the same way Sofia and Yves did in the movie. Half of all the keys to the FLO padlocks lie at the bottom of rivers all over the world. The other half has been sent as a birthday gift to the Polish brothers.

Browse the Gallery of FLOcks of love.


The complete list of all FLO fans who participated in this project can be found HERE.

A couple of project pictures that are not placed in the gallery:

14 Oct
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‘For Lovers Only:’ Michael and Mark Polish’s No-Budget Digital Dream Project

..But in 2009 there was the relatively tiny, inconspicuous Canon EOS 5D Mk II camera, which gave them cinematic depth of field characteristics they responded to. Another benefit: the 5D allowed a single person to shoot a scene on a busy street while looking like a tourist.

At the same time, streaming and downloading content was really taking off, and with it the option of bypassing the traditional film distribution model. “Before we really knew how it would all work,” Michael recalls, “we thought, ‘This could be one of the first movies made especially for the iPad.’ We’d make a movie people could watch in bed or on a plane..” READ THE WHOLE ARTICAL

by videography

25 Sep
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New BTS pictures added to the Gallery

Plenty of new Behind the Scenes pictures were added to the Gallery, check them out!